Nanaimo requires your help to strengthen its people and its future.

I believe that we need to work on bringing the left and right wing political views together. We need unity and inclusiveness at the grassroots for turning ideologies into action to the benefit of all Nanaimoites.

I am dedicated and willing to work full time for bringing positive difference to our beautiful city with my Soldiers spirit and passion to serve. Let’s be the change before we see the change.

We are required to catch up with the fast paced growth of our city (Nanaimo is one of the top 5 fastest growing cities in Canada), so that we avoid facing bottlenecks in years to come.

Nanaimo has been evolving. Our city is no longer the same old mining town that it used to be. Let’s put our efforts together to bring about a well balanced, positive difference in our city in a timely manner. I believe that we can only achieve this through a unified collaboration with all people in all aspects of life.

I hope to gain your trust and in turn… gain your encouragement for a better tomorrow by working hard today for Nanaimo, all its citizens, its community and its visitors.

⭐ Working with Provincial Mental Health to solve addiction issues, mental illness and make
our city safe again.

⭐ Unifying all levels of government to work for affordable housing, Co-op housing, special needs housing and measures to prevent homelessness.

⭐ Steps to reducing red tapes, time taken to process rezoning application, issuing building permits and legalizing basement suits to help shortage of housing and rentals.

⭐ Pursuing Ministry of Health to resolve shortage of Family Doctors and Medics.

⭐ Collaborating with seniors in our communities for their comforts and quality of life.

⭐ Identifying child and youth needs, providing opportunity for growth with life skills.

⭐ Supporting local businesses for better economy and local farmers for food security & sustainability.

⭐ Including everyone in community discussion and planning.

⭐ Fostering awareness for safe and secured neighborhoods.

⭐ Balanced strategies for infrastructure, environmental, economical developments and constant collective efforts for efficient & effective local Governance.

⭐ Responsible spending with a well-balanced budget and work towards Reliability Accountability, Transparency in all stages of city operations.

⭐ Including everyone in community for discussion on planning, focusing on public safety and safe neighborhoods.

⭐ Enhancing consciousness of mental and physical health through “Walk with Doctors” program for the diverse population in Nanaimo.

⭐ Exploring options on mandates for new buildings, condo and townhouse developments to have onsite grey water treatment unit to reuse grey water to garden, lawn and flush toilet.

⭐ Stage by stage planting of flowering & fruit trees by side walks, through-out city to provide shade for side walk users, especially needed during hot summers (food for people, animals, birds and bees).

⭐ Exploring ways to encourage social activities, shows, local markets, in downtown with inclusiveness of local talent, music, arts and culture for spreading the good vibes around. Love to encourage local talent, music, arts and culture.

⭐ Collaborate for the wellness of Snuneymuxw first nations.